Core zLocation Apps

The core zLocation apps allow users on many different platforms to create, share and view zLocations. Users can create zLocations quickly from their current location or from any location they choose. Then they share zLocations (by name) with anyone via: email, SMS, phone, Twitter and Facebook. Then users can view your zLocations, get more information about them and get directions to them.

zLocation Website

The zLocation website gives users the largest screen to create and modify zLocations and lists of zLocations.

zLocation Desktop Web App

zLocation Mobile Web (in a mobile browser)

The zLocation mobile web app allows users to create view and share their locations from a mobile browser even when they don't have the native iOS or Android App installed.

zLocation iOS App (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

download zLocation iOS app

The native zLocation iPhone app gives iOS users the best possible experience on the go. The app is beautifully designed to quickly share or view a zLocation.

Create zLocation iPhone
View zLocation iPhone
Detail zLocation iPhone

zLocation Android App

Coming soon!

zLocation Powered Apps

zLocation API

The zLocation API is coming soon! It will allow any app to leverage the zLocation platform.

zLocation Powered Apps

Coming soon!