About zLocation

zLocation was founded in Venice, California in 2012 to finally solve the location problem.

The Problem

Current methods do not allow users to easily communicate any location.

It's very hard to share a precise location:

The Solution

zLocation solves the problem by allowing users to safely name and share any location. A zLocation is a named location coordinate (lat/lon) that allows users to easily and precisely share any location.

How It Works

Create zLocation iPhone

1. Create It

First open a zLocation app, whichever is most convenient: website, mobile web or iPhone App.

  • Pan the map to exact location you want to share
  • Tap the create button
  • Give it a memorable name and other detailed info (optional)
View zLocation iPhone

2. Share It

Send your friends the zLocation name however you like:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Printed materials
  • Over the phone
Directions zLocation iPhone

3. View It

Now your friends tap the link or type in the zLocation name to any zLocation app or website.

  • Navigate to it
  • Share it with other friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a zLocation always have to be at my current location?

No. You can create zLocations anywhere on earth at any time.

Do I have to log in to create a zLocation?

No. That's why zLocation is so fast! However for more advanced features you may find it useful to login.

Can I update or delete a zLocation?

Coming soon! If you own the zLocation you may modify or delete it. However, deleting a zLocation will break any links to it that you've shared so be careful.

Can I share a zLocation with friends who don't have the iOS app?

Of course! The iPhone app rocks, but we want to make sure zLocation works for everyone. Worst case, your friend will see the zLocation using our desktop or mobile optimized website.